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This is the “Story Video Contest” page. On January 25 the “Blue Nomination Strip” will appear below. Contest goes until February 25. The person with the most votes ( Facebook Likes ) will be the winner. Contestants can tell a story about ANYTHING, BUT … It has to be “illustrated” – ( with at least 5 different pictures ), “Animated”, “Stop Motion”, OR “Acted Out.” Like you and your friends can write a skit and act it out if you want.

The Video Must be uploaded AFTER January 1 2019 ( NO OLD VIDEOS SUBMITTED ) AND you have to have “For Rockne Rich Story Contest” in the description of the video. Probably be a good idea to link to the TopYoular page so people on YouTube can go and vote on your video.

$100 Bucks to the winner. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.